Monday, August 13, 2012

August 13, 2012
Disk Envelopes- a set of 5 dies, # DC0245
I used these dies to make disc envelopes on my Big Shot machine.I used the extended platform with several shims as I used colored copy paper for most of them, except a few that I embossed, I used white 120 lb wt cardsstock from Walmart. I also made some with my Vagabond to see if there was a difference and there really wasn't. After I cut them, I folded them on all score marks that the die makes, then used a bone folder to make sharp creases. These dies were very easy to make. Just remember to use shims. And since every ones machine is calabrated differently from the factory, I would experiment with the amont of shims you use. The shims I used was just scrap pieces of cardstock. After folding on the score marks, I glued them together with a fast drying tacky glue, but you could also use a tape runner, glue stick, just whatever glue you have on hand and feel comfortable using. There were a few that I embossed with folders by cutting them out first, gluing them together and then placed them in a embossing folder to fit the occasion, using the cuttlebug. The rest was just decorated to fit the occasion or you could leave them plain like the ones that you buy. Two of them was made with a center hole cut out and a piece of acetate was glued on the inside of the envelope. I then folded it on the score lines and glued them shut. These were very easy to make, and you could make quite a few in no time. You can decorate them if you wish for any occasion such as baby's first birthday, christmas, halloween, school programs, sport events, family trees, etc.

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