Monday, August 13, 2012

                                                                   August 13, 2012
Upon writing these posts I forgot to mention that I am on the Design Team for Dutch Paper Crafts. All these dies that I have posted can be found on Dutch Paper Crafts. You can click on the blinkie on my post and it will take you directly there. If you don't see the die that your looking for, simply click on email me and send the owner, Darlene, an email and tell her who you are and what you want and how to get in touch with you and I can assure you , that she will get back with you. On her blog she has some awesome videos for you to watch displaying different releases that the design team has made. She displays our cards or what ever we make along with the dies and tells a little about how the item was made and how to get in touch with the member who made the item in case you have any questions. I'm sorry I didn't post this sooner but blogging is still new to me and I'm kinda learning as I go.
August 13, 2012

Swirls- 4 Dies DC0099 and a Basic Envelope Set- 11 Dies DC0244
The next item I made was made using 2 sets of dies. I made a home made box out of chipboard, and covered it with DP. I then used good old duct tape to hinge the lid on. I then covered the rest of the box with DP.I made dividers for the inside of the box out of chipboard as well, then covered it with DP. I hot glued the dividers down to the bottom of the box and the sides of the dividers. I painted wooden knobs for the feet of the box. I used metal hinges just for decoration. I glued my ribbon down and placed a button on the ribbon center. I glued a wooden knob on the lid to tie the ribbon around. I also used metal corners just for decoration as well. I then hot glued lace around the box, that I bought at the Jule Box. The black flowered decoration was also made by Jules from the Jule Bob.I then used the swirl dies. I cut them out with kraft colored card stock in my Vagabond machine. I applied them to the top of the box and to the sides of the box. These swirls are just beautiful and can be used for many projects. I then took the envelope dies set and made most of the items to go inside of the box. I made cards, envelopes, little baby sized envelopes with note cards.These I would probable set on someones desk or pack a I Love You note for inside someones lunch. Or they can be used as a gift tag. I then cut some colored copy paper for stationary. I used some smaller pieces of the die set to make an envelope for postage stamps, combined with different small dies to make envelope seals and ran them thru my xyron machine.. I added an ink pen. I also made a small adress and phone number booklet. I covered a small memo pad with DP. Printed the sentiment on the computor and cut it  out with a small  die. I also made an assortment of cards to go with the set.I added a bottle of card scents  that you apply lightly to your cards, let dry and boy do your cards smell good.
August 13,2012

Pop up box- 4 dies- DC0242

I used colored card stock 110 lb wt to make my 3 boxes. I used red, black and white. I ran the dies with paper thru my Big Shot machine using the extended platform with shims to cut these out. After cutting the red box and the white box, I folded on all the score marks and glued the side flap closed.You can use any adhesive of your choose. I folded them on the score marks on the side and placed them in my embossing folders and ran them thru my cuttlebug.  I made the black box the same way, only did not emboss it. They can be decorated to whatever theme you want. The red one I decorated for valentine's day or could be used for a birthday or anniversary. A ring box will fit on the inside of the box. The white heart goes thru a slot on top to hold it closed. I then decorated it with bling and pearls. I think the white one would look beautiful for a wedding for a favor box, or for a shower. The butterfly holds it shut on the top. I decorated the white box with white pearls and mint green beads. The black one could be used for graduation, or any occassion really. There is a pretty flower on the top holding the box closed. I then added pearls, lace,and tiny roses from I am roses. These were very easy and fast to make.
August 13, 2012
Disk Envelopes- a set of 5 dies, # DC0245
I used these dies to make disc envelopes on my Big Shot machine.I used the extended platform with several shims as I used colored copy paper for most of them, except a few that I embossed, I used white 120 lb wt cardsstock from Walmart. I also made some with my Vagabond to see if there was a difference and there really wasn't. After I cut them, I folded them on all score marks that the die makes, then used a bone folder to make sharp creases. These dies were very easy to make. Just remember to use shims. And since every ones machine is calabrated differently from the factory, I would experiment with the amont of shims you use. The shims I used was just scrap pieces of cardstock. After folding on the score marks, I glued them together with a fast drying tacky glue, but you could also use a tape runner, glue stick, just whatever glue you have on hand and feel comfortable using. There were a few that I embossed with folders by cutting them out first, gluing them together and then placed them in a embossing folder to fit the occasion, using the cuttlebug. The rest was just decorated to fit the occasion or you could leave them plain like the ones that you buy. Two of them was made with a center hole cut out and a piece of acetate was glued on the inside of the envelope. I then folded it on the score lines and glued them shut. These were very easy to make, and you could make quite a few in no time. You can decorate them if you wish for any occasion such as baby's first birthday, christmas, halloween, school programs, sport events, family trees, etc.