Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Yeah, I did it. I guess when they give you a book, you are suppose to read it. You don't just look at the pictures. Guys, I'm getting better, I think, as I go and before long will be fabulous.Blessings, Carol

Sorry, I am having difficulty posting my pictures. I will try and figure it out and come back to post. I had a really good time making these items and if you click on The Dutch Paper Crafts blinkie, it should take you straight to Darlenes blog where she has multitudes of all different dies. They are really beautiful. You should go check them out. Blessings, Carol
The next item s I made was a Jar of Jelly Beans . I used an adjustable belly band L-CC-015, along with a label cutting die DC0230. I first printed the sentiment using MW, than cut the label. I also made a Jar of Hershey Kisses. I used the same bands and printed the Easter Blessing with MW. I then cut it out with die DC0230.
Dutch Paper Crafts Continue
The next item I made was a box of cards. I made a plain box with cardstock and covered it with designer paper. I made cards to place in the box. I used a tile belly band #DC0124 with an adjustable belly band strap # L-CC-015.

Creations for Dutch Paper Crafts
First I made a booklet for Darlene's Dad. I used die #DC0100. It is called Frames and includes 3 cutting dies.I cut 4 pieces of thin cardboard from a box of cereal. I then cut all the designer paper with the same die. I punched 2 holes on one side and tied it with ribbon. Then I made a frame, 2 pieces and sandwiched a piece of aceatate between them. I glued it all together and left it open on the top to insert a picture of his best friend. On the other side, I used metal alphabet brads to spell out his name, then used military stickers. I then printed a 12 month calendar and used brads to attach it. I placed designer paper on the back to cover the brad posts.
The next item I made was a favor box, which could be used for a wedding or a shower. I used a floral belly band insert #DC0123 which comes with 2 dies.I also used an adjustable belly band, #L-CC-015 which comes with 4 bands. I made s simple box and cut my Initial out on my cricut.