Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I Am Done Cleaning

Hi ya all. Last time I was here I said I was gonna get my room cleaned and get rid of what I don't use, and use what I got. And I've been doing just that. I made a smash book for a friends daughter, and I made a cloth dress form and a card. All made from right you guessed it, scraps. I just completed a valentines day book for my niece, whose birthday was on valentines day, just a tad late, but all I used was 2 new sheets of paper and scraps. Sometimes I think if I never bought another piece of paper, I could get by on just my scraps. I took some pictures of what I made and when I figure out how to get them on here I will do just that. I also want to make a video of my scrapbook room. I call it Purgatory. It is my sanctuary. Well I figured out how to put the pictures here but I don't know how to rotate the last two pictures which is my dress form I made and the birthday card I made for my granddaughter who turned 7 on Feb 26th. As you know the computer is not my best friend. I really don't know all the ins and outs of it, but I'm learning. The first several pictures I posted was the smash book I made for a beautiful girl named Anna as you can tell I added her name to the book. I hope shes enjoying it just as much as I enjoyed making it. Well friends I will say goodby for now, but I will be back. Blessings, Carol

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